Do You Require Hospital Dentistry?

Hospital dentistry may offer a good solution if your child needs extensive dental treatment, has difficulty sitting still, or has special needs. Here at South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates in South Miami, FL, your pediatric dentists, Drs. Mario Martinez and Rebecca Lenard can help you decide if hospital dentistry is right for your child.

How Does Hospital Dentistry Work?

Dental treatments are performed in the hospital while your child is sedated with general anesthesia or another type of anesthesia.

When Is Hospital Dentistry Recommended?

You and your child's dentist will decide if hospital dentistry is the best option during your visit to the South Miami dental office. Hospital dentistry may be a good option if:

  • Your Child Needs Multiple Dental Procedures: Young children may find it difficult to handle several appointments that involve lengthy dental procedures. Thanks to hospital dentistry, all of the treatments your child needs can be done at the same time.
  • Your Son or Daughter is Uncooperative: If lack of cooperation is an issue, your child's dentist may suggest hospital dentistry.
  • Gagging is a Problem: Traditional dental treatment may be impossible if your son or daughter has a highly sensitive gag reflex.
  • Your Child is Extremely Fearful: Dental treatments can be very stressful if your child has a dental phobia. When your child is sedated during treatments, he or she won't remember anything about the procedure.
  • Your Son or Daughter Needs a Root Canal or Another Complicated Procedure: Many children can only stand so much time in the dental chair. If a complicated procedure takes longer than your child can tolerate, hospital dentistry may be the best choice.
  • Allergies Prevent the Use of Local Anesthetic: If your child has had a reaction to local anesthetic in the past, their dentist may recommend a trip to the hospital for dental treatment.
  • Your Son or Daughter Has Special Needs: Your child may benefit from hospital dentistry if he or she has certain diseases or conditions. These may include autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, mobility impairments and other health or behavioral issues.

Hospital dentistry can help your child receive the dental care that they need. Call your pediatric dentists in South Miami, FL, Drs. Martinez and Lenard of South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates, at (305) 666-2068 to schedule your son or daughter's appointment.