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By South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates
May 07, 2021
Category: Oral Care
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There are many steps you can take to help your children avoid cavities. Developing good oral hygiene habits at home, as well as scheduling regular dental exams and professional teeth cleanings are just a few ways to help prevent tooth decay. Dr. Danielle Fernandez and Dr. Mario Martinez, the skilled pediatric dentists at South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates in South Miami, FL, provide preventive pediatric dentistry services to help your child avoid developing cavities.

Preventive Dental Care

We offer preventive pediatric dentistry at our office in South Miami, FL. preventive dental care involves being proactive about maintaining good oral health to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health concerns. Scheduling regular dental checkups provides an opportunity for your child’s pediatric dentist to identify oral health concerns early on so they can be treated promptly before more serious problems develop.

Two key aspects of preventive dental care are oral exams and professional teeth cleanings. Both of these are part of your child’s regular dental checkup and help ensure your child enjoys optimal oral health. preventive pediatric dental care can also include fluoride treatments, the application of dental sealants to the chewing surfaces of vulnerable teeth, such as molars, and other preventive measures to help your child avoid cavities.

Good Oral Hygiene Habits

You can help your children avoid developing cavities by teaching them good oral hygiene habits. Developing a daily routine for kids that includes brushing with fluoride-containing toothpaste twice a day, and flossing before bed is a great way to help them get in the habit of caring for their teeth. Younger kids often need assistance with brushing and flossing to ensure the teeth are being thoroughly cleaned. Additionally, children under the age of three years should start with fluoride-free training toothpaste.

Limit Sugar Consumption

An excellent way to prevent cavities in children is to limit their consumption of sugary foods and drinks, including fruit juices and soda. The sugars in foods and beverages mix with bacteria in the mouth to form an acid. Over time, acids in the mouth weaken and break down tooth enamel, which can leave the teeth vulnerable to decay. Limiting the sugary foods and drinks in kids’ diets can dramatically reduce their risk of developing cavities.

Helping your children avoid cavities is as simple as limiting sugar consumption, teaching them good oral hygiene habits, and scheduling regular dental visits. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Fernandez and Dr. Martinez for preventive pediatric dentistry services, call South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates in South Miami, FL, at (305) 666-2068.

By South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates
January 06, 2021
Category: Oral Care

Contemplating a visit to the dentist's office can make any of us anxious, and it can be especially difficult for children. It's why it's important to make a routine out of these visits from a very young age, and it's also why a pediatric dentist can be your greatest resource in helping keep your little ones smiling. If you want to find out more and live in or near South Miami, FL, get in contact with your local pediatric dentists Dr. Mario Martinez and Dr. Danielle Fernandez of South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates.

Young Patients

A pediatric dentist, as you would expect, attends to young patients on a day to day basis. Whatever apprehension or fears your child may have about the process, chances are the doctors have encountered it in the past. They have experience treating children of every age, including the very young. Experts emphasize that the first dental visit, the ADA recommends it done as early as their first birthday.
Healthy oral hygiene habits are best developed from a young age, and it's especially helpful so that parents learn how to best care for their children's teeth before they are able to begin caring for them themselves.

Sedation Dentistry

Your child's dentist has at their disposal a number of strategies to help children be at ease during medical examinations and treatment. But some circumstances, such as with special needs, high levels of anxiety, or even the type of treatment, may demand varying levels of sedation therapy to make the procedure less traumatic for your child.

Sedation can even allow your dentist to perform treatments in one session that would have otherwise taken multiple visits.

Pediatric Dentist in South Miami, FL

You can depend on your child's pediatric dentist to carry out routine cleanings and fillings as well as emergency and endodontic care, and to do all of it in a child-friendly atmosphere. You and your child will experience the difference as soon as you step foot in the office. So make your appointment today, call Dr. Martinez and Dr. Fernandez of South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates in South Miami, FL, by dialing (305) 666-2068.

By South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates
May 26, 2020
Category: Oral Care
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Hospital dentistry may offer a good solution if your child needs extensive dental treatment, has difficulty sitting still, or has special needs. Here at South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates in South Miami, FL, your pediatric dentists, Drs. Mario Martinez and Rebecca Lenard can help you decide if hospital dentistry is right for your child.

How Does Hospital Dentistry Work?

Dental treatments are performed in the hospital while your child is sedated with general anesthesia or another type of anesthesia.

When Is Hospital Dentistry Recommended?

You and your child's dentist will decide if hospital dentistry is the best option during your visit to the South Miami dental office. Hospital dentistry may be a good option if:

  • Your Child Needs Multiple Dental Procedures: Young children may find it difficult to handle several appointments that involve lengthy dental procedures. Thanks to hospital dentistry, all of the treatments your child needs can be done at the same time.
  • Your Son or Daughter is Uncooperative: If lack of cooperation is an issue, your child's dentist may suggest hospital dentistry.
  • Gagging is a Problem: Traditional dental treatment may be impossible if your son or daughter has a highly sensitive gag reflex.
  • Your Child is Extremely Fearful: Dental treatments can be very stressful if your child has a dental phobia. When your child is sedated during treatments, he or she won't remember anything about the procedure.
  • Your Son or Daughter Needs a Root Canal or Another Complicated Procedure: Many children can only stand so much time in the dental chair. If a complicated procedure takes longer than your child can tolerate, hospital dentistry may be the best choice.
  • Allergies Prevent the Use of Local Anesthetic: If your child has had a reaction to local anesthetic in the past, their dentist may recommend a trip to the hospital for dental treatment.
  • Your Son or Daughter Has Special Needs: Your child may benefit from hospital dentistry if he or she has certain diseases or conditions. These may include autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, mobility impairments and other health or behavioral issues.

Hospital dentistry can help your child receive the dental care that they need. Call your pediatric dentists in South Miami, FL, Drs. Martinez and Lenard of South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates, at (305) 666-2068 to schedule your son or daughter's appointment.

By South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates
April 10, 2020
Category: Oral Care
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These everyday habits could improve your child's oral health.

The key to maintaining healthy smiles in your children is to teach them good oral hygiene practices while they are young. After all, these habits will carry with them throughout childhood and into adulthood. Our South Miami, FL, board-certified pediatric dentists, Dr. Mario Martinez and Dr. Rebecca Lenard, know that it will be easier to get your child to brush and floss if you make it more interactive and fun.

Here are some tips to keep your child’s smile healthy:

Make sure they are drinking water

Many kids simply don't drink enough water! If you want to support healthy teeth and gums, you’ll want to keep your child hydrated. A rule of thumb is to make sure your child is drinking as many 8-ounce glasses of water a day as their age. For example, if your child is five years old, they should be drinking five, 8-ounce glasses of water daily. Active children may also require more water. Drinking water is chock full of fluoride, which can also keep teeth strong and prevent cavities from forming.

Brush twice a day

Make sure that you are brushing your child’s teeth at least twice a day, for a minimum of two minutes each time. In the beginning, you’re going to have to brush their teeth for them until they are able to do this themselves; however, you can also use this time to educate them on proper brushing techniques, so that when it comes time for them to brush their own teeth, they already well equipped for the task. If you have questions about how to brush your child’s teeth or the right tools for the job, don’t hesitate to ask your South Miami, FL, Pediatric dentist.

Snack in moderation

It is important that your child is receiving all the vital nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong. Of course, snacking too much throughout the day can increase plaque buildup, which can also increase your child’s risk for cavities. Therefore, limit snacking to 2-3 times a day, and avoid sugar-laden, processed snacks like gummy bears and potato chips. Instead, opt for smile-friendly choices such as apples, hummus, yogurt, and raw veggies.

Visit the dentist

While our South Miami, FL, practice is temporarily closed due to coronavirus, our pediatricians can still provide emergency care for children dealing with serious and urgent matters. Just call South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates at (305) 666-2068. Keep practicing these oral hygiene habits together as a family to keep dental problems at bay.

By South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates
May 28, 2019
Category: Oral Care
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Oral hygiene is one of the first things you should teach your child when he or she can do things independently. That includes brushing, flossing, and eating healthy foods. Learn how you can best teach your child good oral hygiene habits from a young age and visit a pediatric dentist at South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates in South Miami, FL, regularly.

Importance of Early Oral Hygiene
You’ve probably heard your dentist tell you about the importance of good oral hygiene as an adult countless times. It is just as important for young children and teens, if not more. Children aren’t as consistent with dental care, and they like to snack on foods and beverages that aren’t kind to their smiles. If you begin to teach them good oral care habits when they are very young, they’ll carry those valuable lessons with them as they get older.

Ways to Teach Your Child Good Oral Hygiene
Children are very impressionable and often will mimic the behaviors and teachings of their parents. Try these tips for teaching your child about good oral hygiene:

- Explain in detail why having healthy teeth and gums is important.
- Show your child how to brush and floss their teeth, and keep up with the healthy habits yourself on a daily basis.
- Schedule and keep regular appointments with your South Miami, FL, pediatric dentist. Have your teeth cleaned at a visit with your child so that he or she can see the results.

Long-Term Benefits of Good Oral Hygiene
The better your child’s oral hygiene, the more likely you’ll be able to avoid extra visits to the dentist for cavity treatments, extractions, and crowns in the future. Losing a tooth as a child could have long-term repercussions, including bone loss, orthodontic problems, and reduced self-confidence. Good oral hygiene also helps ensure that your child has fresh breath and strong dental enamel that stays resilient for years.

Help Protect Your Child’s Smile
One of the best things you can do when you’re trying to keep your child’s smile healthy is to teach her or him good hygiene habits. Talk to a pediatric dentist at South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates in South Miami, FL, for more advice and tips. Call (305) 666-2068 today to schedule a family visit with Dr. Mario Martinez or Dr. Rebecca Lenard.