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By South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates
September 30, 2021
Category: Dental

Dr. Mario Martinez and Dr. Danielle Fernandez are highly-educated and experienced board-certified pediatric dentists. If you’re seeking a compassionate, knowledgeable pediatric dentist in South Miami, FL, then South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates is the right place for you. 

When Is Too Soon to Lose a Baby Tooth?

Children usually begin to lose their baby teeth around age six and continue losing them until age 13. 

If your child loses a tooth at age five or younger or has a baby tooth knocked out prematurely, you should consult your pediatric dentist. 

What Causes Children to Lose Baby Teeth Too Soon? 

The most common cause of early tooth loss is due to dental trauma from an accident or injury. 

Gum infections, such as periodontitis, can also cause teeth to fall out because the infection weakens the gum tissue and bone that supports the teeth. 

Hypophosphatasia, childhood cancer, and other medical conditions that weaken bone development can cause children to lose their primary teeth prematurely. 

What Happens When the Baby Tooth is Lost Too Early?

Dentists will not reinsert the baby tooth into the gums. This can cause severe and permanent damage to your child’s permanent teeth. Cosmetically speaking, it is scarce for anything to be done for the space (other than a space maintainer). Your child will likely have an open space until his or her permanent teeth come in.

With that said, you should absolutely take your child to his or her pediatric dentist. If you need a pediatric dentist in South Miami, FL, Dr. Martinez, and Dr. Fernandez at South Miami Dental Associates is ideal for you and your child.

If you are unsure why or how the tooth was lost, your pediatric dentist can evaluate and diagnose the root cause of the tooth loss, remedy solutions, and help ensure that your child won't lose any more teeth. 

Your dentist may need to determine if your child needs a space maintainer. This tool prevents neighboring teeth from crowding and shifting into the open space. A space maintainer holds a spot so that there is a place for them when the adult teeth come through. 

Request an Appointment Today

Get in touch with a pediatric dentist in South Miami, FL, today. You may contact Dr. Mario Martinez and Dr. Danielle Fernandez at South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates by calling them at (305) 666-2068. You may also visit their office at 6601 S.W. 80th Street, Ste. #212 South Miami, FL 33143.

By South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates
January 06, 2021
Category: Oral Care

Contemplating a visit to the dentist's office can make any of us anxious, and it can be especially difficult for children. It's why it's important to make a routine out of these visits from a very young age, and it's also why a pediatric dentist can be your greatest resource in helping keep your little ones smiling. If you want to find out more and live in or near South Miami, FL, get in contact with your local pediatric dentists Dr. Mario Martinez and Dr. Danielle Fernandez of South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates.

Young Patients

A pediatric dentist, as you would expect, attends to young patients on a day to day basis. Whatever apprehension or fears your child may have about the process, chances are the doctors have encountered it in the past. They have experience treating children of every age, including the very young. Experts emphasize that the first dental visit, the ADA recommends it done as early as their first birthday.
Healthy oral hygiene habits are best developed from a young age, and it's especially helpful so that parents learn how to best care for their children's teeth before they are able to begin caring for them themselves.

Sedation Dentistry

Your child's dentist has at their disposal a number of strategies to help children be at ease during medical examinations and treatment. But some circumstances, such as with special needs, high levels of anxiety, or even the type of treatment, may demand varying levels of sedation therapy to make the procedure less traumatic for your child.

Sedation can even allow your dentist to perform treatments in one session that would have otherwise taken multiple visits.

Pediatric Dentist in South Miami, FL

You can depend on your child's pediatric dentist to carry out routine cleanings and fillings as well as emergency and endodontic care, and to do all of it in a child-friendly atmosphere. You and your child will experience the difference as soon as you step foot in the office. So make your appointment today, call Dr. Martinez and Dr. Fernandez of South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates in South Miami, FL, by dialing (305) 666-2068.

By South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates
June 30, 2016
Category: Oral Care
Tags: Pediatric Dentist  

With so many options and specialties, choosing a dentist might seem overwhelming, especially for your children. However, pediatric dentistry can give your child the best dental experience available to them. Learn more about what sets pediatric dentists apart from the rest with help from South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates in South Miami, FL.Pediatric Dentist

What makes a pediatric dentist different? 
Dentists have many classifications. Some dentists only see adult patients. Others see everyone, no matter their age while others specialize in elderly care. Pediatric dentistry focuses only on children and making their dental experience the easiest and most fun time possible. Pediatric dentists are experts in children’s dental care and are trained in many techniques to ease the anxiety and fear that often comes along with children seeing the dentist for the first time.

When should my child see their dentist? 
Most dentists recommend that children begin seeing the dentist within six months of the eruption of their first tooth. Seeing the dentist regularly from such a young age prevents tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, it instills a strong at-home dental routine early on, making it easier to keep up with throughout your child’s life. Your dentist can help ensure that your child’s teeth grow on schedule and catch problems early on to prevent more complex dental and orthodontic conditions later on in life.

Pediatric Dentistry in South Miami, FL
Your child’s first dental appointment usually does not involve any actual treatment. This first appointment is mainly to get your child used to the thought of seeing their dentist and helping make the dentist a fun and exciting experience. Your dentist will give you instructions on how to care for your child’s teeth at home. This involves wiping the child’s gums down with a soft cloth twice a day to prevent decay and gum disease. As the teeth grow in, help your child learn to brush their teeth using a soft toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste. Flossing between the teeth at least once a day greatly reduces the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Your dentist can help you determine the best at-home oral care routine for your child.

For more information on pediatric dentistry, please contact Dr. Mark Webman, Dr. Mario Martinez and Dr. Rebecca Lenard at South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates in South Miami, FL. Call (305) 666-2068 to schedule your child’s dental examination and cleaning today!