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By South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates
August 24, 2016
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A stray ball or an errant elbow can do a significant amount of damage to your child's teeth and mouth. Mark Webman, D.D.S.; Mario mouthguardsMartinez, D.D.S.; and Rebecca Lenard, D.D.S.; your South Miami, FL, pediatric dentists at South Miami Pediatric Dental Associates, are here to explain how you can protect your child's teeth from sports injuries.


What's the best way to prevent injuries?

Help your child avoid injuries by insisting that he or she wear a mouthguard during practices and games. These flexible plastic dental appliances absorb the force of a blow, preventing or reducing damage to the teeth, lips, jaw and face. Without a mouthguard, your child is at increased risk of experiencing a loosened or knocked out tooth, a jaw injury or cuts to the mouth or face.


Are all mouthguards the same?

Some children balk at the idea of wearing mouthguards, particularly if they've only worn ready-to-wear and boil-and-bite models obtained at sporting goods stores. We don't blame them. Those mouthguards can be uncomfortable, and if the guard is uncomfortable, your child is less likely to wear it consistently.


Store-bought mouthguards may not fit that well, even if you buy the boil-and-bite types. Your child's pediatric dentist offers mouthguards that are much more comfortable because they're designed to fit your child and only your child. The dentist makes an impression of your child's mouth to ensure a perfect fit. Since custom mouthguards are made of a lighter material than sporting good store versions, you're less likely to hear complaints about comfort.


Mouthguard wear is particularly important if your child wears braces, as a blow to the face can not only damage the braces, but also cause mouth lacerations. Your child's pediatric dentist offers special mouthguards made just for braces.


Who should wear mouthguards?

Most children who participate in any type of sport can benefit from mouthguards. Although you probably associate them with sports like football, field hockey, soccer and basketball, they're equally important if your child skateboards, skis, or participates in gymnastics or martial arts.


Could your child benefit from a custom mouthguard? Call Drs. Webman, Martinez and Lenard, your South Miami, FL, pediatric dentists at South Miami Pediatric Dental Assoc. at (305) 666-2068 to schedule an appointment.